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Chronicles of Home

   Chronicles of home is a story of how we evolved from the love of generations gone by. Here's when we lovingly recall our indebtedness to the ceaseless toil and sacrifice of those souls who enriched our lives, making it possible for us to live in such comfort. We literally live under the shade of the trees they planted.

"The 'Chronicles of Home' represents an heirloom of memories that we can all treasure for generations to come.I had goosebumps reading our family's early history and getting to know the origins from centuries ago. The family trees are spectacular, tracing each branch of grandparents/parents’ siblings and cousins. Now we have a reference book to know 'Who is Who' in our extended families".

Susan Grandy, PhD

Senior Director, Global Product and Portfolio Strategy at AstraZeneca


"These days when people are being demographically distributed due to work demands, this book is definitely an asset for each of us to feel in unison with our family members and see the bigger picture we are part of. I am sure that this initiative of Reshma will get each of us to know better, treasure the memories and fortify our relationships. This book is a keeper for generations to come".


Reju Mathew Zacharia

Director Of Marketing,  at CAN International Group of Companies

United Arab Emirates 

Other Publications


International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention.

January 2015

Effect of Globalization on Transgender in India


IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science.

July 2013

Gender Inequality In Modern India-Scenario and Solutions


International Journal of Innovative Research Studies.

June 2013

Third Gender In India-From Ancient to present Scenario

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