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An Explorative Study On

The Stigma And Issues Of Transgenders

In Chennai City Towards Their Empowerment.


Significance of the study

This study signifies the issues of the transgenders and focuses on the gender struggle and denial of their basic rights

Scope of the study


The study of gender struggle and issues of transgenders in Chennai city, first make aware the readers about the existence of this community and the psycho, social, economical problems faced by them. The readers are given an opportunity to understand the problems faced by them as an individual,family, and in society.

Need for the study


The study tries to understand the gender struggle among transgenders and study problems faced by them in society. The study particularly focuses on the basic rights which are denied to them. The discrimination by society and the stigma attached to them as they are transgenders. The study, therefore, makes aware the social issues faced by transgenders. These issues should be looked into by treating them as human beings and not as showpieces to look upon.

  The social , economic, political, legal rights, and psychological needs are essential for their basic living and dignity of the living who are human beings like any one of us. The study also made aware of the need for their concerns and basic rights in order to bring change in their life so they would be accepted by society, gain dignity and be empowered.

Objectives of the study

 The objectives of the study are to  understand the problems of the transgenders and study their status due to denial of their basic rights to live in Chennai city

Specific objectives are

To study the physical, psychological, and social status of the transgenders.

To study and analyze the socio, economic health problems of transgenders.

To study their needs and basic rights denied to them.

To sensitize the public and make the policymakers focus on their needs and demands towards empowering them.

Transgender Identity Issues And Public Policy.

A Comparative Study Of Kerala And Tamil Nadu.


Need for the study

Transgenders are different in demographic characteristics, geographic location, social background, age, race and ethnicity, and occupation. So far, no special status has been given nor do they have an explicit policy that caters to their needs. Therefore this study has been undertaken as they have been in the limelight of late and so far, there is no study with regard to the transgender community otherwise called the third gender. Therefore this study explores the recent status and what they actually need. Further, the Kerala government is the first state in India to unveil a transgender policy that covers all the categories of trans-genders. The policy was the first of its kind, envisaging ending the societal stigma towards transgender, and hence this study identifies the transgender issues and policies.

Aim of the study

The aim of the study is to bring into focus and enhance the visibility of Transgender community through the policies of the governments of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Increasing this visibility to existing services is a deciding factor as their invisibility often highlights the damaging effects of stigma. Fearing discrimination and prejudice transgender community avoids disclosing their identity.

​Objectives of the study


To trace the historical perspective of the transgender community.

To analyze the issues and problems of the transgender population.

To find out the effect of socio-economic factors affecting transgender.

To examine the physical and mental health status of transgender.

To study the role of agencies and their functions.

To suggest appropriate methods for transgender development.

Scope of the study

The study focuses on the development of policies based on the demographic and socio-economic factors of transgender communities in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The study closely analyses a comparison of both societies and tries to review the state of administrative agencies on the current status of the transgender population. It also identifies the gaps in the information pertaining to social, economic, and health factors and outlines an agenda for future research. The scope of the study is used to identify the gaps in the information available in the area of transgender health and to outline an agenda for future research.

Significance of the study

The study will be a significant endeavor in increasing the visibility of transgender communities to service providers and administrators. It will also be beneficial to the students and instructors in various disciplines when they learn and try to develop effective reforms in their classroom setting. By understanding the transgender community and their needs, these instructors and students will be assured of competitive advantage while planning future programs for these marginalized societies who lack similar considerations as the normal population.

Research Methadology

The present study adopted is Exploratory and Analytical in nature. The study makes use of primary and secondary data for research. The secondary data are collected from various published books, articles, newspapers, reports, and various websites. The primary data are collected from field research in Kerala and Tamil Nadu through interview and questionnaire methods. The researcher chose 200 samples (i.e.) 100 samples each from the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The sampling method used in the study is the snowball technique. A pilot study was adopted to check the reliability and validity of the data. Statistical techniques such as square, Anova, and correlation were used in this study.

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