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Small Strokes

“Through my art, I try to create changes
in our social outlook. As someone interested in humanity, I strive to do it with

Dr. Reshma Thomas


Born in Kerala, India she is a self-taught artist.  She tries to explore the deeper perspective of life through her work. Reshma takes the majority of the inspiration from the natural beauty and life of human beings and makes use of the spirit and enthusiasm for art to magnify life.

She aims to explore the deeper perspective of life through art. For her, art is an extension of her view of life and the struggle of weaker sections of society. 


Shashi Tharoor

Member of parliament,

Ex- Under Secretary, UN.

"Reshma as an artist has taken the trouble to play a constructive role through the medium of art during a troubled time. Trouble for the world and for the ordinary people particularly the young."


Indian Express

"Reshma’s paintings speak louder than words and it can passionately influence society."


Her Highness Aswathi

Thirunal Gowri Lakshmi Bayi,

Travancore Royal Family

Kerala, India.

“Her art is an offshoot of her vibrant and beautiful personality. She is concentrating on her emotions, which inspires her art.”

Art Museum




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